Like the woman who lives between continents, unpacks her bags and spends half an hour doing a gym session on her hotel room floor. She doesn’t do it for anyone but herself, but she knows the impact that it has. The culture of Daquini is about the transformative roles women play in shaping the world: in business, creativity, the arts and music, technology and engineering.

Together is always better than alone, but she’s not afraid of standing out. She is literally on-the-move and constantly shaping her own life as she grows. She’s not trying to prove anything to anyone, but she often is seen to be an example for those looking for inspiration and/or guidance.

Her ability to move the world is directly related to how she feels in her own body. Her ability to support others is directly related to the ability to feel confident in herself. She knows the danger of flying too low, in not believing in her own potential. She is truly a sky-goer.

This is the Daquini woman. This is her world.


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