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Our carefully selected high-end technical fabrics come from ethically, socially and environmentally responsible suppliers. 

We've traveled the world to find the highest quality eco-friendly produced materials and chose to work with some of the most prestigious French, Italian, German and Portuguese mills.

Our Oeko-Tex® certified technical fabrics are made without using harmful chemicals, are dreamy soft, breathable and moisture-wicking all while looking and feeling completely luxurious. 

All our collections are sourced and produced locally in the European Union to ensure quality, details, sustainable and ethical practices while keeping a reduced carbon footprint. Each Daquïni piece is crafted from the highest quality materials and with the highest attention to detail. To ensure that fabric and material waste is minimized, all Daquïni collections are cut using the most advanced digital fabric cutting machines. 

Our guiding principles
  • Quality — Luxurious, feminine activewear ethically made in Europe from French & Italian technical fabrics.

  • Transparency — We use ethical production processes and Oeko-Tex® certified materials.

  • Heritage — It’s in our DNA. At our very core, we carry on the refined traditions of European sophistication, elegance, and confident femininity.

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