How to care for your activewear

How to care for your activewear
General Care Guide

We use the highest quality technical fabrics available on the market and are passionate about creating timeless, lasting items that you can wear season after season.

To keep your activewear in great shape,
- wash it on a cold (30ºC) and gentle cycle,
- do not tumble dry,
- hang dry immediately after washing,
- iron low if necessary. 
- Do not dry clean.

Cupro Garments

Delicate and luxurious - We love our cupro tops and they are super easy to care for if you follow these steps:

- Wash them on a cold, delicate cycle using a mild cleaning product. 
- Do not tumble dry.
- Hang dry it on a hanger immediately after washing.
- They may be ironed on low temperatures but it won't be necessary if you follow the above steps. That's it. Shine and silky softness will restore once it gets in touch with your skin again. Your cupro garments may be dry cleaned. 

For the love of our environment 🌎

All Daquini items are made without using any harmful chemicals - keep on protecting yourself and the environment by using eco-friendly detergents.